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You just invited some of your friends over for thanks giving at your house, and you are having a really busy day in the kitchen, trying to get dinner ready before your friends arrive, you’ve dressed up the turkey, and now you're chopping up the vegetables for your favorite sauce. Your time in the kitchen was going just fine, and you decide to take care of the dirty dishes, so the water faucet gets turned on, and you flip on the switch of the kitchen disposal, expecting to hear the usual whining sound of the rotating blades but nothing happens, for some unknown reason, your kitchen disposal has refused to work at a time when you need it the most.

The garbage disposals, has always been a good way to dispose waste food in the kitchen, being designed to shred up food scraps into tiny bits for easy passage from the sink, and down to the sewer lines, thus reducing the risk of clogged drains in the kitchen, as well as the amount of food wastes that is being dumped in the garbage which causes problems in the incinerator.

However, a lot of people, (especially children) now use their garbage disposal as a trash can, they expect it to fragment everything they put in, some even go as far as to put in things like fat, leaves, bones and potato peels. These things just don't go well with a kitchen disposal, and may end up jamming the disposal; sometimes they even damage it, leaving you without a kitchen disposal, and exposing your sink to clogs.

And when your kitchen disposal is down, know that you can always count on us to get it fixed. We provide both cleaning maintenance and replacement services for your garbage disposals, so whenever you are faced with an ugly situation like the one above, just know that we are always there to take care of the problem as soon as you give us a call. So why not contact us today.

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